L-PRF (Leucocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin) and biological implants are a unique combination! In a 100% natural way, this improves the healing process and the recovery of the jaw bone. Your own blood, without any further additives, is the basis for the generation of membranes, plugs and gel. So all products based on the body’s own growth factors.

Several tubes of blood are needed, which are then processed without the addition of other substances. The technique was previously developed in the treatment of burns and bedsores. Thanks to further development in dentistry, we have a biological tool to treat patients with more certainty and success (see website Mondcentrum Eyckholt).

Materiaal voor L-PRF en biologische implantaten


Firstly, we take a few tubes of blood from you in a quiet place: usually 3 to 6 tubes. This amount corresponds to only 1 teacup. We take a number of white tubes (for making gel) and a number of red tubes (for making membranes). The tubes go safely to the centrifuge where they spin at high speed for several minutes (initially 3 min for the white tubes, then 12 min for the red tubes).

The final material then consists of a fibrin network with a high concentration of activated platelets and white blood cells. The activated platelets contain high concentrations of the body’s own growth factors. The high concentration of white blood cells simultaneously helps prevent inflammation. All these products further accelerate healing and therefore final recovery.

Venapunctie en biologische implantaten


We ultimately use the gel from the white tubes for 3 applications: firstly to mix with coastal bone (this creates “sticky” bone full of growth factors and easy to apply); secondly, as a pre-treatment of implants (“soaking” in growth factors) or thirdly for injecting around the surgical region after surgery (for faster healing).

The material from the red tubes, on the other hand, resembles a snail. This is therefore processed in a special container with pressure, which eventually creates a membrane or “patch” that we use to: firstly lay it over the (artificial) bone; secondly to “wrap” the implant or thirdly to close the wound for better healing.

LPRF centrifuge en biologische implantaten
L-PRF en biologische implantaten
Biologische implantaten enL-PRF slak


Using L-PRF and biological implants therefore only has advantages:

1.100% body material (especially no foreign body reaction)
2. Fast method: can be used after just 15 minutes
3. Completely biological and biocompatible
4. Noticeably better healing of hard as well as soft tissues
5. Proven improved integration of ceramic implants