Who places the ceramic implants?

Dr. Curd Bollen

Dr. Curd Bollen has been placing zirconia implants for more than 10 years. This makes him a recognized authority, not only in the Netherlands, but also throughout Europe. He also believes 100% in the added value of metal-free zirconia implants.



Curd Bollen was mainly educated at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). In June 1992 he graduated with a degree in dentistry (DDS). In September 1992 he started his doctoral research and started his training as a specialist in periodontology. Already in 1996, he was the youngest dentist ever in Leuven to obtain his doctorate in medical sciences (PhD). A year later he already obtained his advanced master’s degree in periodontology and implantology (MS). This training in Leuven is also recognized at European level (EFP recognized) and is a legally recognized specialism in Belgium (in contrast to the Netherlands, where periodontists mutually recognize themselves). Finally, in 2016, he obtained an additional master’s degree in clinical dentistry in aesthetic and restorative dentistry (MClinDent) at the University of the Pacific (Stockton, USA).


Academic career

Dr. Bollen was appointed professor of implant dentistry at the College of Medicine & Dentistry in Birmingham (UK) from 2019 till 2021. This college is part of the University of Ulster (Belfast, Northern Ireland). He worked 1 week a month in Birmingham: teaching, research and clinic. 

Previously, dr. Bollen as an employee at various other universities: Manchester – UK (associate professor), Düsseldorf – D (assistant professor), Bonn – D (researcher), Nijmegen – NL (lecturer), Liège – B (consultant) and Leuven – B ( consultant).


Dr. Bollen has published more than 40 scientific articles in international scientific journals during his career, as well as more than 25 in national dental journals. He is also the author or co-author of several chapters in 8 scientific books. His recent publications are now also fully focused on zirconia implants.

Artikel 1: zirconia implantaten
Artikel 2: zirconia implantaten
Artikel 3: zirconia implantaten


Curd Bollen also regularly gives lectures in the Netherlands and abroad at scientific conferences or courses. He has already been a guest in: Jordan, Israel, Hungary, France and Germany. Also in Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovenia, US and UK. The topics of his lectures are: Zirconia implants, in addition short and ultra-short implants, further halitosis (mouth odor) and finally growth factors (L-PRF).

Lezing prof. Bollen over zirconia implantaten


On the one hand, dr. Bollen is editor-in-chief of 2 important scientific journals: the Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy and the Journal of Dental Reports. On the other hand, he is also editor of 10 other scientific journals.

Journal of DH, OD & T
Journal of Dental Reports


Bollen is now also working with industry to conduct clinical research. For example, he works with the companies Camlog / Ceralog and TAV on clinical projects with ceramic implants. This research yields new publications in the field of oral implantology.


Consultant BioHorizons-Camlog

As of January 2021, dr. Bollen will start working as a consultant for the large Swiss-American company BioHorizons-Camlog. Initially, he will be responsible for part of the Ceramic Excellence Virtual Classroom program.

Camlog BioHorizons


In 2021, dr. Bollen became Honorary Consultant & Ambassador for Cleanimplant; an institute that strives for perfect cleaning of implant surfaces.

Clean Implant
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