What is a ceramic implant?

A porcelain implant is a great investment in your own health. Previously, only titanium implants were used as a replacement for lost teeth. But did you know that a porcelain implant can improve your health on the one hand, but also your quality of life on the other? There are many more arguments for choosing a porcelain implant. Think of the aesthetic advantages, as well as the completely metal-free material. You can therefore no longer develop annoying allergies for this. You will not only get a beautiful, but also a healthy smile!


Ceralog® - NobelPearl® - TAVwhite®

In the Eyckholt Mondcentrum of dr. Bollen, we only work with the best and therefore safest materials. We have therefore chosen the Ceralog® and NobelPearl® zirconia implants. The Swiss companies Camlog® and NobelBiocare® produce high-quality implants. These companies are among the largest players in the international implantology market. We have chosen these international top products on the basis of our own knowledge and skills, and on the basis of scientific research results.

Ceralog® and NobelPearl® implants are specially designed to meet the highest functional and aesthetic requirements. Moreover, recent scientific research has shown that zirconia implants are even stronger than titanium implants. In addition, because the implant has the color of natural teeth, it will not show through the gums. We often see this differently when you have thin or receding gums. This makes a natural and aesthetic result possible.


Advantages of ceramic implants

The 10 advantages of porcelain implants are clearly summarized:

1.100% ceramic implant to replace your teeth.
2. Perfect acceptance by the body.
3. Reliable strength, making it even stronger than titanium.
4. Ideal for a biological and holistic approach to your health.
5 100% metal-free, so no conductivity of currents or radiation.
6. Better gum healing and much less bacterial adhesion (plaque)
7. No toxic corrosion and therefore no known allergies, as with titanium.
8. Excellent bone integration, comparable to titanium.
9. High-quality aesthetic solution due to white color.
10. Little or no bone inflammation measurable (peri-implantitis).

And … a practitioner with more than 20 years of experience!
The absolute number 1 in zirconia implants in the BeNeLux!

Ti vs Zr