Below you will find a number of reactions from patients treated by us with white implants…

Henriette (47)

Reacties witte implantaten: Henriette 47 jaar

I had been missing 1 molar in the upper jaw for years. First I had all my old mercury fillings removed. Only afterwards did I want to go for an implant: metal-free and white of course. After a lot of research on the internet, I ended up in Roosteren. I am happy with the healthy result. I also feel different since my treatments, as if I have become a bit healthier …

Otto (57)

I had 2 front teeth replaced by white ceramic implants with L-PRF by dr. Bollen. I had ended up with him and his team through acquaintances. The treatments went smoothly and I am very satisfied with the aesthetic result. It sounds like a cliché of course, but I should have done this much earlier …

Reactie: Otto 57 jaar keramische implantaten

Germaine (64)

Biologische implantaten Reacties: Germaine 64 jaar

Because I was missing all my teeth in the upper jaw, I felt very insecure. I have had click teeth on 4 titanium implants; but before this I turned out to have an allergy. Dr. Bollen has these removed and replaced with white cubic zirconia implants. A bridge has now been made on this. It feels like I have my teeth back from the past; i really feel 10 years younger! I’m still 55 of course … 😉

Herman (69)

For years I walked around with dead teeth in my mouth. The root canal treatments had a bad effect on my health. Dr. Bollen understood that and at least listened to my problems. After thorough cleansing and a long enough wait, I now have a good solution with white porcelain implants in my mouth. It doesn’t just feel different, it just feels good!

Keramische implantaten Reactie: Herman 69 jaar

Merel (34)

Reacties: Merel 34 jaar met witte implantaten

After walking around with a milk incisor for years, I eventually had to find a different solution. I chose the best and most healthy option: a white ceramic implant in combination with L-PRF. I have not had any pain and the new solution is indistinguishable from the original. Good job there in Roosteren! Skilled team!


Reactie: U als vrouw porseleinen implantaat

Will you soon also opt for white ceramic implants from our Eyckholt Mondcentrum and would you like to share your findings with other patients? Then your story may also be here on this page … Your findings help other people to choose the healthiest solution …

Reacties: U als man met zirconia implantaat