Cases with ceramic implants

Metalfree implant in the upperfront

This is a 28-year-old female patient, one of the first cases we ever treated with metal-free implants. The patient had been missing element number 12 for 2 years due to a failed root canal treatment. After tooth removal and the subsequent 4 months of healing according to our protocol, a ceramic implant was inserted i.c.m. LPRF. Confirmation of the crown could take place 4 months later. Compared to titanium implants, there is no metallic hue here. The patient was therefore very satisfied with the end result.

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Ceramic implant in upper jaw

A 46-year-old lady was missing a small molar in the lower jaw after previous ortho treatment. After years of waiting, the lady opts for a solution by means of a ceramic implant in combination with LPRF. The crown was fitted after 2 months. As a result, the bite is complete again and, above all, aesthetically restored. The patient especially found the extra chewing power an added value.

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Case 1c

Porcelain implants in the upper front

This 39-year-old woman lost her 2 incisors (teeth 11 and 12) as a result of poor root canal treatment. We replaced both elements with zirconia implants i.c.m. LPRF. After 4 months, the 2 porcelain crowns were applied to these implants. On the one hand a good result, on the other hand also a much healthier solution. This is one of the many cases with a particularly beautiful end result.

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4c: zirconia implantaten met kronen
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Overdenture on 3 ceramic implants (ceramic attachments)

Due to a proven titanium allergy, no metals could be used in the mouth in this patient. The patient wanted a click denture in the lower jaw. 3 ceramic implants were placed. After 3 months, 3 ceramic push buttons were applied by means of carbon screws: good retention and completely metal-free. Result: a very satisfied patient!

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Case c3

8 ceramic implants in the upper jaw and 2 at the bottom

A 66-year-old woman wanted a total rehabilitation of her teeth with ceramic implants. Above all teeth were removed and a bridge was placed on 8 zirconia implants i.c.m. LPRF posted. Two extra molars were placed underneath by means of porcelain implants. An extremely satisfied patient with a nice end result after 8 months. Case is a collaboration with Dr. Ilian Dargel.

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